HOBAS Pipe Systems

HOBAS Pipes have the highest quality and  eco-friendly materials. The most important raw materials for HOBAS Pipes are polyester resin, chopped glass fiber and mineral reinforcing agents. Resin envelopes all the components and creates a bond between them. Every HOBAS Pipe System is as unique as the project it is designed for. This is possible thanks to standard and tailor-made HOBAS GRP Fittings and Couplings that complement the broad range of available pipe diameters. The unique production process and the material’s flexibility make HOBAS GRP Pipe Systems fit for practically all applications

Product benefits at a glance:
- Approved high quality
- Long service life
- High corrosion resistance
- High abrasion resistance
- Elevated temperature service
- Fire retardant properties
- UV-light insensitivity
- High stiffness
- Small expansion coefficient
- Non-conductive material
- Leak free joints
- Light weight
- Fast length adjustments (shortening) on site
- Easy installation
- Superior flow capacity
- Complete system supply
- Fit for various installation methods
- Low maintenance costs
- Over half a century of experience