Owens Corning Wall Instulation System

Owens Corning has developed the FEWEIS® System (Foamular Exterior Wall External Insulation System), which is safe and trustworthy with excellent performance, great applicability and durability for China architecture system.

FEWEIS Features:

  • Characterized by outstanding and everlasting insulation performance, when used together with the special mortar, the water absorption ratio is low, which assured the performance and stabilization of the insulation for the system
  • With specific impact-toughness resistance, when used together with the special mortar will get high shock resistance and high wind pressure resistance from the entire FEWEIS® system
  • The applied fixed mode of combination of automatic grappling and paste makes it more safe and reliable
  • The system has a wide applicability, not only fit the heat preservation of the exterior wall of the new buildings but also fit the modification works for the old buildings
  • FEWEIS® exterior wall external insulation system suits various structural walls (concrete, brick wall, block masonry wall, etc.)